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Our Mission

We are focused on harnessing and merging the value of 30 years of business experience (Knowledge) with state-of-the-art software development and exquisite customer support (Know-how) to help entrepreneurs manage and grow their businesses. We accomplish this through designing unique software applications that address the specific needs of an industry.

What We Deliver

Our unique application platform, Urable™, is capable of addressing the needs of most service-based industries. With the addition of specific custom features, it can also address the needs of niche markets.


Our Urable branded platform is a tailor-made software application capable of running across multiple platforms and addressing the needs of targeted markets. It is simple enough for users to incorporate into their daily activities, yet powerful enough for owners/operators to run their businesses.

The complex back-end architecture of Urable provides management with simple access to an array of customizable reports that turn data into actionable information.

See For Yourself

Our Design Approach

Our work creating Urable, and any of its custom components to address niche markets, follows our trademark design philosophy: Reduced to a Higher LevelⓇ. This design philosophy captures the essence of making the complex, simple. Creating Urable was extremely complex; its adoption and use, shouldn’t be. Thus, by reducing the complexity of a business operation, we enable the owner/operator to improve their business and bottomline.


Our account team meets with target industry leaders to gain a full understanding of the applicable current and future processes that need improvement.

Design and Develop

Working from a “current and future-state” document we create, our development team will design a suitable framework. Once a final functional design is agreed to, we develop the application and work closely with our targeted market advisors throughout the process to ensure all functional requirements are incorporated into the final application.

Review and Test

A working system will be demonstrated to our market advisors to ensure all requirements are incorporated and navigation is intuitive. The final system will undergo a robust validation process to ensure proper functionality and bug-free operation once deployed.


Our account team will create detailed training material and host in-person or virtual training sessions to ensure seamless adoption.

About Us

Michael Abens

Owner and CEO

Michael has an extensive business background spanning over 30 years. Throughout his career in Pharmaceuticals, Specialty Home Infusion and, most recently, 503A/B Sterile Compounding, he has been a pioneer in designing unique business models and software systems that improve patients’ lives, caregiver effectiveness and help quantify the value of medical interventions. As an entrepreneur, he helped grow Pentec Health, Inc. into the largest provider of intrathecal drug therapy in the United States. His Executive-level positions in Sales, Marketing, Managed Markets, Health Economics, Outcomes Research and cGMP Operations provide him with a broad base of experience to successfully lead the strategic direction of the company.

Kris Abens

Account Executive

Kris is an experienced Account Executive with a background in the 503B Sterile Compounding and Web Development industries. As a sales representative within the 503B market, she established herself as a leader amongst her peers, demonstrating unparalleled customer service skills and a desire to improve internal business processes. While in this role, she led the development of an individualized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform to streamline the sales process, earning her the distinct privilege of leading the company’s first customer on-boarding and E-Commerce training session. Her attention to detail, keen affinity for operational excellence and ability to utilize the methodologies of LEAN Six Sigma, can help enhance operational efficiency and maximize the utility of the applications we create.

Kyle Abens

Lead Developer

Kyle is a full-stack developer with a “very particular set of skills” (Liam Neeson voice). He has worked for small start-ups, building systems from the ground up and large corporations where he focused on improving existing business processes, as well as introducing entirely new systems that dramatically improved operational efficiency on a global scale. His career has allowed him to merge his skills in Graphic Design with front-end and back-end software and web development. He is uniquely able to create aesthetically pleasing and simple User Interfaces that incorporate complex “under the hood” logic to streamline business processes and improve the utility of captured data.


What platforms can your applications run on?
Urable is designed to run on mobile devices as well as internet browsers and any operating system.
How do you price your products?
Urable is a subscription-based application. Mobile versions are available on Google Play and Apple stores. The monthly fee varies depending on the specific Urable Plan that is subscribed to. Go to for currently available plans.
How do you manage security and infrastructure scaling?
Authentication and data security is handled by our Lead Developer and third party application. All of our applications come with an SSL certificate, which enables HTTPS connections. HTTPS operates on a different port than HTTP and encrypts all data traveling to and from the server. This prevents potential attackers from hijacking sensitive information. We utilize a real-time NoSQL database that is specifically designed for scalability and speed. Utilizing many complex cloud functions, our applications block unwanted guests, while still allowing registered users to have varying levels of access, as determined by each owner/operator.
Will the system bog down as more users are added?
No. The sophisticated coding, NoSQL database format, front-end single page framework and robust back-end infrastructure ensure nearly instantaneous responses no matter how many users are logged in.
What if I want to make changes to the system?
Urable is built to be extremely flexible and allows each user the ability to customize the content and choose the best way to operate their business. We fully expect all our applications to evolve over time as business requirements shift and we encourage our users to reach out to us with suggested enhancements.
How can I get customer support if I need it?
There are several ways to access support, the first is by contacting your Account Executive directly. For urgent matters, we offer a live Chat function that will connect you directly with our Customer Service Team. This “Chat” can be converted to a live call at any moment. For other issues, there is a simple customer support email system that is broken into categories to ensure the issue is routed to the correct department. An appropriate representative will call the client to address the specific concern.

Contact Us

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